What differentiates your product from the hundreds of thousands of others on Amazon? The response is simple: Best Seller Badge on Amazon! Customers may view the top-trending items across all Amazon categories by clicking on this adorable orange icon while shopping, browsing, or conducting a search. You may significantly increase your sales on Amazon and acquire the trust of your customers by doing this.


What is the Best Seller Badge on Amazon?

You have undoubtedly come across the Best Seller Badge when looking for products or researching Amazon. Products in search results with this icon, which is orange, are best sellers in their respective categories. Before that change, it was only given to the best seller in that category, not the top 100.

The effort to win a Best Seller Badge varies depending on the category. For example, it is more challenging to succeed in some classes due to intense competition, such as electronics or pet supplies. Conversely, working toward a Best Seller Badge in categories with less competition and diversity is a little simpler.

While some categories may not have enough competition to support 100 top sellers, the distinction is still significant. Having one of those badges associated with your product is still a sign of excellence, even though the focus may be more narrow in a specialised area than in a well-known one like Toys and Games.


How to Get the Best Seller Badge on Amazon?

A product has the most sales in that category if it carries the Amazon #1 Best Seller badge. How products are shown in search results is determined by the Amazon A10 algorithm. The algorithm used by Amazon updates its top-selling items every hour. So how does Amazon’s algorithm decide which products are big sellers and earn bestseller status on Amazon?

Although we are unsure of the exact criteria or algorithm used by Amazon to award the Best Seller Badge, it is clear that sales history and sales velocity are crucial factors when ranking the products. The rating of items in Amazon categories and subcategories is based on the overall sales history.

It’s also important to remember that depending on the area in which your product is placed, becoming an Amazon #1 Best Seller has different challenges. In the bulk of the product categories, too many Best Seller badges are scattered throughout subcategories.

Even though specific industries are highly competitive, others can quickly get the Amazon Best Seller badge. Sales are everything about earning the Amazon Best Seller certification, as we’ve already covered. So, to become an Amazon Best Seller, you must consistently sustain high sales levels.

Let’s explore a few approaches for boosting and sustaining reliable income.


Boost Sales Velocity

You must speed up sales in your Amazon firm. Profits and the Best Seller Badge are both obtained. There are a few strategies to speed up deals.

Use an Amazon pricing tool like Eva to set prices more effectively, increase sales and profits, and avoid the risk of running out of stock. As a result, your chances of earning the Amazon Best Seller Badge improve along with your sales velocity.

Amazon Lightning Deals and coupons are incredibly effective! You can achieve Amazon’s top spot thanks to these promotions. If appropriately implemented, it has been demonstrated that these increase sales.


Keep Your Amazon Pricing Strategy Competitive

Keep an eye on your rivals and maintain competitive Amazon prices. Although you don’t have to offer the lowest price, you must stay within a customer-friendly price range.

Make sure to include a justification in your listing if your product is more expensive than your rivals. More buyers are attracted by competitor prices, which raises your Amazon rating. In the long term, that will increase your chances of becoming an Amazon Best Seller.

You may keep an eye on your competition by using an Amazon repricer like Eva, which has a competitor analytics dashboard. Additionally, it continuously monitors your competitors’ prices to determine the best price for your products.

Therefore, take a look at and get to know the AI-Based dynamic pricing technology right now if you want to keep your Amazon price strategy competitive.


Start a strategy for Amazon advertising

PPC advertising on Amazon is a great way to boost sales. You can target keywords and similar products by running an automated or manual marketing campaign on Amazon.

You can complete this procedure quickly by working with a reputable Amazon PPC management service. They assess your Amazon store, develop a plan to hasten the expansion of your company, and enhance your Amazon ACoS.

Whether you hire a specialist or not, developing a thorough Amazon advertising strategy is imperative. When you do this, you’ll be a lot closer to earning the Amazon Best Seller Badge.


Make an updated listing

Perform thorough Amazon keyword research, considering SEO, before producing your product listing so you know the exact search phrases that shoppers use to find your products on Amazon.

Using those keywords, you should create a compelling product title, an insightful description, and bullet points.

Images are also vital on Amazon. Paying for a talented graphic designer to help you create stunning designs is always a significant investment. Additionally, having the A+ content in your listing will help you sell more if you sign up for the “Brand Registry” programme.



You would be 100% correct if you assumed that repricing is one of the best ways to increase sales. Using Repricer, you can guarantee your prices are competitive around-the-clock, so you never lose a sale to a rival with a better deal. Additionally, it’s pretty simple. Sign up immediately to begin your risk-free trial, then sit back and observe how your product listings improve.


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