Have you heard of the Amazon Movers and Shakers list? Organizations frequently use this statistic to determine whether goods will succeed in the coming days, weeks, and months—business owners with a great sense of how the market functions frequently profit from trends. For long-term e-commerce success on Amazon, you must use this list that provides the top-selling items over the previous 24 hours.


What are Amazon Movers and Shakers?

You have probably heard about Amazon Movers and Shakers if you own an online store. Amazon maintains track of which products had the highest sales increase over the previous 24 hours. Their list of Movers and Shakers is available to everyone and may be quickly sorted by category.

This ranking is updated hourly to give you the most recent data on the products currently selling on the mega-retailer. Businesses frequently use this list to forecast the upcoming best-sellers in a particular category. In addition, it provides them with knowledge of current market trends and consumer demands.


Are Best Sellers and Amazon Movers and Shakers the Same Thing?

The Movers and Shakers and the Best Sellers on the Amazon site initially appear to overlap in specific ways. However, you need to be aware that the sales rankings for these two lists can vary significantly.

  • You may get immediate access to buyer insights with Mover and Shakers. The Best Sellers list, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive overview of what has been selling over the previous 30 days.

If you’re trying to decide which products to carry in your FBA business or your drop shipping store, these differences matter.

  • A product that is on Mover and Shaker is the one that is currently popular. A product that is a best seller typically sells more units over a more extended period.

You might be able to spot a Mover & Shaker product that finally ends up on the Bestseller list if you pay close attention.


How Can A Seller Use Amazon Movers And Shakers to Boost Sales?

It would help if you frequently used Amazon Movers & Shakers as part of your market research toolkit. Keep an eye on it and note any high-performing goods with your current stock. You’ll likely score a few quick wins that you may use to expand your product lineup and quickly turn a profit but remain objective.

On the first page of results, resist the urge to start selling the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, you’re looking for consistency and patterns that you can use to increase your sales over time. Next, think about how a high-performing product affects consumer behavior.

If paints and craft supplies are selling well for a week or two, it makes sense to assume that more people are becoming interested in art. Maybe they’ve been watching a new art program on TV that has caught their attention. However, keep in mind that it is too late to join the crowd and start selling paint and craft supplies at this point. But eventually, they’ll probably run out of stores. So boost your competitive edge by stocking up on premium papers and paints.


How Can You Use Amazon Movers and Shakers To Optimize The Product?

You should list your product on Amazon Movers & Shakers as soon as you know what the customer wants and have the data to support it. Optimizing your product listing could provide you with a competitive advantage. It would help if you did everything necessary to determine why the consumer wants to buy these things, and the listing must be adjusted accordingly.

  • Create excellent product descriptions with proper keywords.
  • Always use high-resolution 3D images: High-resolution images are being used to promote an expectation. As a result, only top-notch images ought to be employed. Use lifestyle photos in addition to traditional ones. You can have illustrations to show how to use the product.
  • Choose the right category and subcategory for your products: Many sellers make an error by choosing the wrong type or subcategory for their offerings. Your company will fail if you place your products in the incorrect category or subcategory before it gets off the ground. 
  • Encourage customer reviews: Encourage customers to provide your products with positive feedback so that their natural rankings will improve, but remember that you don’t need to use any illegal tactics. 


How Can you Determine a Product’s Suitability for Movers and Shakers?

Micro view: There are two crucial variables to take into account when determining whether a product has a potential selling point from the Movers & Shakers page: A product’s sales performance over several hours or days might be examined to get a micro picture. Graphs require that the trend should be upward.

Macro view: All it takes is to see the larger, more detailed picture. Zooming out and looking for a pattern required in this situation. If you notice that baby diaper sales are robust over time, investigate other trends in the baby supplies market. Is there a size or feature that stands out to you frequently? Is there a brand that sells products quickly? Possibly a substance of some kind?

Using the second approach, you may add functional trending purchasing patterns to your data and avoid being hooked on just a few popular Amazon products. Read product reviews carefully to discover what people like and dislike. Again, the experience of the customer is essential.

You must constantly remember that you don’t have to follow the trend; instead, you need to start it. If you stock high-performing products and adequately optimize them, you can stand out on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page. Therefore, if you conduct your study thoughtfully, patiently, and strategically, you will be able to find a high-performing product that you can market profitably.



The Amazon Movers and Shakers list is not only an excellent tool for market research, but it is also totally free. It can become the foundation of your ever-evolving product offering with careful consideration, perseverance, and foresight. Remember to exercise caution and only pursue the most promising options. 

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