Amazon Marketplace has the potential to benefit business owners significantly. However, if you lack common sense, it could also be a bummer for you. Let’s say you’re simply starting a business or thinking about doing Amazon retail for the first time. In that scenario, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is crucial to decide whether it’s worthwhile! Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of selling on Amazon, which you may use to determine if Amazon is the best platform for your company. Find out how to begin trading on Amazon and if it will be viable. 


How to start selling on Amazon?

  1. Following your specialised decision is finding your product provider. There are several different ways to find information on suppliers. You may find suppliers on AliExpress, Alibaba, and other B2B marketplaces. There are undoubtedly a few potential sources that you could come upon. Get their name, address, and any additional pertinent information.
  2. Following your supplier selection, you must place an order.
  3. You must create an Amazon seller account if you don’t already have one. Pro seller accounts and individual seller accounts are two different account kinds. The latter was provided without charge each month; however, selling something on Amazon will cost you about $1.
  4. You must first create product listings before adding your products to the website. There are several processes involved in creating your listing. The best quality, crystal-clear images are required. Make sure your purchases are “Prime eligible” to utilise the free delivery options offered to Prime members.
  5. Sellers who use Amazon FBA must monitor their inventory carefully. The quantity of stock is quite essential. Your Amazon inventory level automatically drops when orders are placed. Make sure your inventory level is frequently updated to show the product’s availability on your product listing page.
  6. It is a well-known fact that customers frequently read reviews from other customers who have already bought the product. Amazon customer reviews are essential for your business. It is the standing you have gained in your target market.


Trends in online shopping

One of the numerous changes brought about by the pandemic was the way consumers shopped.

The events of 2020 accelerated a trend toward more online shopping. This trend is anticipated to continue in the upcoming years because it does not appear to be slowing down. It is expected that Amazon’s global e-commerce revenues will amount to $729.79 billion. You might find it impressive that almost half of the consumers said they would be fine if they never bought in a physical store again, according to the Q4 2020 Trends Report.

This shows how good Amazon selling can be. 


All about Branding

No matter what merchandise you decide to sell through Amazon FBA, building your brand will help you succeed. However, you will not get as far if you choose to sell generic goods.

Your customer’s faith in you will increase if they can perceive who you are and what you sell through your brand. Customers will get used to your brand and believe it can live up to their expectations whether you put it on apparel or technological devices.

If you want customers to repurchase more of your products, branding is a crucial step. This will make your clients more devoted to you while giving you a competitive edge over competing vendors. In addition, investing in solid branding can help your company grow and become more successful.


How much revenue do Amazon sellers make?

All people who have decided to start selling on Amazon or any other online retailer platform have, at some point, wondered this. How much money can you make on Amazon selling products?

We shall examine specific numbers and statistics of vendors selling goods on Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon service to respond to this question (FBA). 85% of people who decided to sell on Amazon FBA reported making money.

Above 50% of Amazon, sellers reported making over $5,000 each month. Additionally, over 25% of vendors make monthly sales above $25,000.

These figures describe sales volume and revenue throughout a month or a seller’s career. In other words, these figures don’t reflect your earnings or your net profit because expenses and additional fees aren’t considered. If using FBA, figure out the storage unit fees, referral fees, and all other costs when calculating the net earnings. Then you can calculate how much money you may make every month by selling particular items on Amazon.

In the past two years, many sellers registered on the platform. Nevertheless, the figures are encouraging because beginning a business is more accessible for sellers thanks to Amazon’s supply chain and the vast number of users who regularly search for things to buy on the forum, and because these sellers can already achieve success early on. For example, you can begin selling stuff on the first day if you have all the necessary components, sound planning, excellent photographs, reasonable prices, etc.


Amazon FBA is profitable till date. 

You have only won half the battle once you have determined your niche and worked on your product branding. Your mindset is essential to your success as an Amazon seller.

You’ll need specific psychological qualities to develop an Amazon firm. Success requires the capacity to cope with pressure and persevere in the face of challenges. You’ll need a clear vision as you juggle the various needs of your firm, from marketing to stock suppliers to financial flow. You’ll be rewarded and pushed as you develop as an entrepreneur, and embracing this intensity is a necessary part of the path.



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