For any seller, the prospect of having their Amazon account suspended is terrifying, and the Amazon Terms of Service can be challenging to understand. However, adopting an Amazon Email Automation Tool can assist sellers in maintaining compliance and preventing the loss of significant sales.

Amazon has been strictly enforcing its TOS (Terms of Service) in recent months. As a result, sellers must know how to interact with customers using the Amazon chat system without breaking any regulations.


The difference between an Amazon Account Suspension and a Ban

Luckily, in an amazon account suspension you aren’t entirely prohibited from selling goods on Amazon. Suspensions frequently occur and are usually addressed. Bans are separate, as they result in your ability to sell on Amazon being permanently barred.


Why was your seller account on Amazon suspended?

There are numerous causes for the suspension of an Amazon Seller account. Examples of common ones include frequent order problems, policy infractions, and complaints about customer service. The first step in having your account restored is to comprehend why it was suspended in the first place. That information should be included in the suspension notification you got from Amazon.


How do you know if your Amazon seller account is suspended?

Log into Amazon Seller Central to see if you have been subject to a restriction. Then, open one of the most recent emails after visiting the buyer messaging site. Last but not least, see if the email has a note that reads:

“This message was not delivered because the ability to send proactive messages from your account was temporarily disabled. Please refer to the comprehensive error notification in your account’s email for further details.

Please log in to FeedbackWhiz if you notice this message and update your templates and campaigns to remain compliant. Pause any ongoing email campaigns until the problems have been fixed and Amazon has released your ban. To ensure that the wording you use when delivering communications to your consumers complies with the TOS, we provide fully pre-built templates that you can use or refer to.


What consequences might having your Amazon Account Suspension have?

Sellers who violate the Amazon Terms of Service will have their ability to send emails in advance temporarily suspended. This suspension impacts only your capacity to send proactive communications. You still have the option to reply to messages from customers. The brief suspension may be in effect for up to 30 days.


How can you prevent being suspended as an Amazon seller?

To prevent any disruption in your ability to actively communicate with your consumers via email, it is a good idea to frequently evaluate your Amazon email templates to ensure they are legal.

To maintain compliance, avoid the following crucial actions in your Amazon email templates:


Use [Important] in the subject line of your email.

  • It is a good idea to regularly check your Amazon email templates to make sure they are legal to prevent any disruption in your capacity to actively engage with your customers via email.
  • Avoid the following seven essential activities in your Amazon email templates to ensure compliance:

Sending emails for marketing or promotion

  • For customer ratings or seller feedback, sellers are not permitted to provide discounts or coupon codes.
  • Additionally, limiting your information to what is pertinent to the purchased item is crucial. It is strongly discouraged to point customers to other product pages or websites. Links to your Amazon storefront and listing pages are also included here.

Review and feedback manipulation or incentivizing

  • Sellers are unable to offer incentives for reviews. Never give out a product for free or at a discount in return for a review.
  • Never directly request a good review from customers or urge them only to do so if they had a positive experience with your product.
  • Product reviews are supposed to be independent of the manufacturers. You want to clarify requesting client feedback before they leave critical thinking.
  • Never tell customers what to write in a product review or seller feedback; Amazon will perceive this as manipulating the review process.


Several requests for the same review

A product review or seller feedback request cannot be sent more than once. Therefore, Make sure you are not manually triggering the request a review button in seller central  if you are using Amazon Email Automation Tools to automate the request a review button. Including URLs or files in your message that are not required to complete the order

  • Only include files (ebooks, directions, or photographs) pertinent to the purchased item(s). Never include spam, advertising, or other information that violates the Amazon TOS.
  • Avoid using external links in your templates that are not part of the FeedbackWhiz variable list, such as URLs that point to your website or other websites like YouTube, Shopify, etc. Buyers who click on these external links will receive a warning notice from Amazon after they have been flagged.
  • Never send emails using your email address in them. The email will automatically delete them.

 Sending too many emails

  • To ensure you send one email to the same order within 24 hours, we advise monitoring all of your campaigns.
  • Additionally, be sure you are not exceeding Amazon’s daily email limit. This is equivalent to 600 more messages and five times your daily average order volume.

Email for order shipment for FBA orders

  • Automatic delivery confirmation is delivered to the buyer once Amazon has shipped a purchase. Therefore, sending an additional confirmation email from the vendor is not required. Amazon advises merchants to refrain from sending a second email to avoid misunderstandings or contradicting information.
  • If you decide to email the customer when an order ships, make sure to include something useful. This might be a link to contact the vendor or information about the goods and any relevant attachments.


How to Avoid Being Suspended by Amazon

Throughout this procedure, keep in mind that if your account has been suspended, you can speak to a specialist. You can contact our team at FBAClaims360. Before the appeal is prepared, you’ll typically need to make significant adjustments to your operations, inventory, and sourcing.

After you’re back up and running, you should regularly check your account health page and take proactive measures to address any difficulties to prevent further problems. In addition to reinstatements, FBAClaims360 offers risk assessments and suspension prevention services if you’d like an expert opinion.

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