Are you an FBA seller looking to get Amazon Reimbursements? Here are some reasons other FBA sellers would choose FBAClaims360 to recover their reimbursements.   FBAClaims360 guarantees FBA sellers: 

  • Increased Success Rate
  • Complying with Amazon’s Terms of Service
  • Complete Transparency for Every Reimbursement Claim
  • Dedicated Case Managers
  • No contracts, no payments upfront
  • Monitoring of FBA Fees 


Time is money, as we all know, so save time

We know that FBA sellers already have a lot on their plates, so they shouldn’t worry about filing claims with Amazon for their errors (lost or damaged inventory, missing shipments, mishandled FBA refunds, etc.). Instead, we’ll handle all the tedious tasks so you can concentrate on what matters: expanding your business and increasing your income. You can save yourself the agonizing hours spent pouring over overpayment and fulfillment logs, examining spreadsheets, and handling protracted interactions with Seller Support. Additionally, you may rest assured knowing that our specialists uncover more reimbursements or FBA returns than you would by yourself.


Success Rate Is Higher | Better Software and Data Imports Produce Better Results

Because all of our claims are submitted manually by dedicated case managers (each client has a dedicated case manager who reviews everything before submitting), and because our data import process is more thorough than other services on the market, our claim submissions are more successful than those of our rivals. In contrast to other systems, we examine each SKU and order in your history on an inventory event level daily. To ensure that every one of your reimbursement claims is submitted with the most up-to-date and correct data possible, we keep your data current by auto-updating it regularly.


We are 100% Amazon Compliant

We do not automate claim submissions in compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service. Instead, your case manager meticulously prepares and submits each claim once we audit all of your data and identifies any potential reimbursements or FBA refunds. Once more, we are aware of some well-known services that have had problems in the past with premature and insufficiently researched claims. This typically occurs due to automated claim submissions (which are against Amazon’s TOS) and claims submitted with faulty data systems. On the other hand, we prioritize adhering to Amazon’s guidelines as we know how critical it is for each seller to maintain a positive relationship with Amazon.


100% Reimbursement Visibility | Transparent Data

We are concerned with openness. We want you to have confidence in our ability to deliver. Therefore we go out of our way to earn your trust. You will always be able to follow the status of each reimbursement claim. Through the dashboard of your FBAClaims360 account, your assigned case manager warmly welcomes you to follow up on and view specific information regarding each Seller Support claim that has been made. In addition, we’ll update you weekly on the refunds we obtained from Amazon.


Devoted Case Managers | Pros at Obtaining the Most Compensation

Case managers for FBAClaims360 are experienced and well-trained. You can speak directly with your assigned case manager if you have any inquiries. You can contact them whenever you have questions or want to talk.


We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do | No Contracts, No Upfront Fees

You only pay when we are successful in getting Amazon to repay you. There are no contracts or monthly membership fees. We always make sure to give Amazon adequate time to reimburse you on their own, without our help, because we believe that reimbursements from Amazon should be automatic. No refunds not requested by your case manager will ever be subject to a fee from us (like if you submitted a claim yourself or if Amazon automatically reimbursed you). Before being billed, you will always receive a thorough summary of every case we’ve opened on your behalf, along with the results of each in an invoice.


Don’t Get Overcharged For Inaccurate Measurements With FBA Fee Monitoring

We audit improper overcharges on FBA fees for incorrect fulfillment fees. Have you been assessed the wrong FBA fees because the measurements were off? To ensure that you are not overcharged, our software keeps track of all changes to your SKU’s dimensions and costs. We’ll check your fees daily and let you know if you’ve been overcharged. 



For FBA sellers, FBAClaims360 provides services that manage every stage of Amazon reimbursement recovery. A specialized case manager is assigned to each client, who manually examines each reimbursement claim before submission. Clients can get detailed information and real-time updates from their assigned case manager for each claim submitted in the FBAClaims360 dashboard.

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