Do you use Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service to sell goods on the Amazon Marketplace? You will eventually need to request an Amazon FBA reimbursement or an FBA refund for your goods.

As an FBA seller, you pay FBA fees and entrust Amazon with shipping, packing, and storage responsibility. Like you, there are millions of other FBA sellers. Therefore the FBA warehouses run on a vast scale. To keep the FBA operations running smoothly, thousands of staff and millions of products are moved daily.

Accidents and logistical errors are unavoidable during such rapid and massive-scale activity. Your inventory units could end up damaged, lost, or misplaced in the FBA warehouse. Even incoming shipments may get misplaced or lost. Now, as it should be, Amazon is prepared to make up for the mistakes. Amazon expects FBA sellers to audit and compare their logs and reports to uncover differences that merit a refund. Amazon FBA seller reimbursements are the refunds that an FBA seller receives from Amazon.


When Can You Claim Amazon FBA Refunds?

You can request Amazon seller reimbursement for goods you’ve submitted to the company’s warehouses for several reasons:

  • Loss of goods by the carrier
  • In the warehouse, inventory was lost.
  • Merchandise harmed in the warehouse
  • Damaged shipments after order fulfillment or delivery
  • The buyer requested a refund or a replacement but did not send the item back.
  • Unprocessed return item not added to inventory
  • Order quantity errors

If Amazon overcharged your account for listing costs, you could also request Amazon seller refunds.


Types of FBA errors

There are primarily two categories of discrepancies: transactional and logistical. While transactional inconsistencies deal with overpriced FBA costs, logistical issues are related to mistakes made at the warehouse or inbound shipments.

Let’s explore more closely the potential grounds for requesting Amazon reimbursements.

  • A problem with inbound shipments to FBA warehouses: Accidents could happen when your shipment travels to the FBA fulfillment facilities. Inventory units will likely be lost or damaged owing to unfortunate events or courier incompetence. The Amazon FBA staff owes you Amazon reimbursements because they are in charge of the inventory units from when the shipping begins.
  • Damage at the Amazon FBA warehouse: Because of the haste, accidents involving collisions are unavoidable. Items either disappear or are relocated with other units in such circumstances. Restocking is not the answer for missing or damaged goods; instead, you should file a claim for the proper Amazon FBA seller refund.
  • Items destroyed without authorization: It frequently happens that some inventory units arrive at the warehouse in a state unfit for sale. Amazon can only destroy these units with the seller’s consent. You may be entitled to compensation from Amazon if it acts without your consent.
  • FBA fees erroneously calculated: When computing storage fees based on inventory measurements, information can be faulty, or data can be entered incorrectly. Incorrect dimensions could cause the overpayment of FBA fees. The best FBA refund services will allow you to get the extra money.
  • Issues with customer return: 
  1. A refund was given to the purchaser, but they never returned the goods.
  2. The client obtains a replacement but neglects to send back the first item.
  3. The consumer returns the item successfully, but the inventory report does not mention it.

In each scenario above, you can submit a legitimate claim with strong supporting proof for guaranteed reimbursements.


Which Products Are Eligible For Amazon Reimbursements?

Amazon indicates that the following requirements must be met for items to qualify for reimbursement:

  • When items are lost or damaged, FBA receives registration for them.
  • Items comply with FBA limits and regulations.
  • Products delivered to Amazon matched the shipment plan to the letter.
  • Undisposed of or upcoming disposal of items
  • Items weren’t broken or malfunctioning because of the customer.
  • When you submit the claim, your seller account is active.

You have a specific time to submit claims for FBA reimbursements if the products are qualified.


How to Identify Amazon FBA Reimbursement

Review your Seller Central transactions and shipment statistics regularly to spot potential Amazon FBA reimbursement opportunities. Then, within 18 months of the incident, document and submit claims to the relevant departments. Claims that are filed incorrectly are immediately denied and need to be resubmitted.

This takes a lot of time and is tedious. Additionally, you can spend the time and effort submitting claims for Amazon FBA reimbursement that are eventually rejected or don’t total enough money to justify the effort.

You cannot simply assume that you owe little in the way of Amazon FBA reimbursement. For example, the possible loss might equal 3% of your yearly revenue.

You might employ someone, either a VA or an employee (virtual assistant). Since VAs often charge a set amount rather than an employee wage, this is a more affordable choice. However, in both scenarios, you will need to invest time in training that individual, presuming that you are well aware of the Amazon FBA refund procedure yourself.



For FBA sellers, FBA Claims360 is a service that manages every stage of Amazon reimbursement recovery. We assist you in maximizing time management and claim handling so that you can grow your Amazon business. Make the appropriate FBA claims at the proper times to keep your company from becoming hollow due to financial gaps. FBA Claims360 Reimbursements manages everything, including optimum account health, sure-fire Amazon reimbursement claims, and maximum refunds directly into your pockets. For the best Amazon FBA reimbursement services, get in touch with us now and stop waiting to recover what is rightfully yours.

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