What is FBA Stranded Inventory?

Stranded inventory is FBA inventory in fulfillment centers that does not have an associated active offer and thus is not available for sale on Amazon. When inventory is stranded, it requires either reactivating the listing or removing inventory.

This is a very common problem among FBA sellers.  Most of the time, you don’t need to worry about them as they can be fixed within a few simple steps.


How to deal with Intellectual property claims?

You can contact the rights owner to retract the case (use a lawyer when necessary) or if you have strong evidence, send an appeal to Amazon.  


Account Health Issue 

You may have lots of copy-listing (meaning that the listing is created by other sellers and has multiple sellers) and sometimes you will receive account health issues such as pesticide claims, health and safety claims, intellectual property claims, used items sold as new claims.  Here, we will briefly discuss some solutions to common issues.

Pesticide claims: refer to the post “Account health issue: Pesticide and Pesticide device claim”

Health and safety claims: for popular products with lots of competition (especially if sold by Amazon as well), just wait for a few days to weeks and the issue will disappear.

Used item sold as new claims: all you need to do is to write a good plan of action, listing the root cause(s), actions taken and steps to prevent the similar case from happening in the future. 


Deleted Listing

If you previously deleted some listing and Amazon found extra inventory of that listing, they will show as deleted listing.  Simply list the products using the ASIN and SKU indicated in the stranded inventory page.


Inventory Error

This will last from days to months.  Amazon will automatically investigate the missing inventory.  There is not much you can do.  By the way, Amazon will only recognize a small portion of the missing inventory.  If you are interested in knowing how you can get reimbursed for the missing inventory not reported by Amazon, contact us.


Listing Error

There are different reasons why you have the listing error.  If you are not sure why, simply create a case with the seller’s support and they will provide you the reason.

Stranded inventory issues are complicated but most of them are resolvable.  If you need help, feel free to contact us.


What kind of account health issue do you need to deal with as an Amazon Seller? As an Amazon seller, do you know how many account health issues can happen? FBAClaims360 is here to help. We are here to look into your common account health issues and help you come up with their solutions.

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