You’re probably aware of the Amazon refund procedure as a seller. Don’t worry if you’re not; we’ll help you through it!

Amazon will repay you if your products are damaged or destroyed during FBA fulfillment without even asking you to send back the defective item. With more than 350 million products available for purchase at any given moment, Amazon is the best-known and most extensive online seller.

With such a large selection and high demand, Amazon must offer top-notch customer service to attract repeat business. We can now easily order anything with the press of a button and receive it the following day, or sometimes even the same day. Thanks to the Prime shipping option, we don’t have to wait very long.

What occurs, though, if you order something too big or decide against returning it and instead ask for a refund? Let’s look at this…


What Is Amazon Reimbursement and how does it work?

When Amazon reimburses you for the cost of products that were harmed or lost while at their fulfillment facility, this is known as an Amazon reimbursement; additionally, Amazon will pay for the shipping of the item to them. If done correctly, Amazon reimbursement can, on average, recover 3% of your whole sales.

You must first list every item that was damaged or lost. The cost of each item must then be determined. After this, you must get in touch with Amazon and explain what transpired. After reviewing your claim, Amazon will decide whether or not to pay you for the cost of the items. They will write you a cheque for your due amount if they accept your claim. Reimbursement from Amazon can take up to two weeks to process, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind.

Additionally, Amazon could not approve all claims, so it’s crucial to have all the required paperwork before submitting.


Amazon Refund Without Return Policy 2022

I contend that occasionally Amazon will agree to reimburse the total purchase price without requiring the items to be returned. This is done because it may cost more time and money to return the item than the refund amount. In addition, customers can check the “issue with order” section of the refund form to verify if their order or product qualifies for a refund.

You must return your goods to Amazon together with the receipt to receive a refund from them. Amazon can be reached by phone or through the website However, receiving your refund could take several days, and once it has been processed, the money will appear in your bank.


In which situations does Amazon offer refunds WITHOUT a return?

Like other businesses, it depends on the situation. There isn’t a clear-cut yes or no response, but let’s look at the potential outcomes of a refund without a return. The item must typically be returned to the warehouse if you want a refund on Amazon, although there are several circumstances where this may not be the case.

Inexpensive Item

An item that is broken or damaged may be refunded. However, if the thing was cheap, it could often be more expensive to organize the return than to issue a refund. In this scenario, you might be required to send images of the damaged item to receive your reimbursement.

Incorrect Orders

Maybe you got something you didn’t even order. They might refund your money if you tell Amazon that your stuff never arrived but that you received something else instead. You’d then have another item which might be helpful to you or completely useless.

Small Orders

Another reason Amazon can refund a customer’s money without receiving the goods is if the order was modest, and returning the item would be costly or inconvenient for Amazon.

Dissatisfaction within the company

Maybe you’ve voiced your displeasure with the business or the service you’ve received. For instance, if you are a Prime subscriber and your order was supposed to arrive the following day, it has been three days late. Due to the company’s failure to provide you with the service you paid for annually, you are entitled to a refund and an apology.


How long do Amazon refunds take to process?

Usually, Amazon won’t begin the refund procedure until they have the returned item in hand. The system should proceed much quicker if you don’t have to ship the things back. It usually takes three to five business days for the money to appear on your credit card once your refund request has been completed. Keep in mind that depending on the initial payment method, this could take longer.


How can you find out the status of your request for an Amazon refund?

Under Your Account, you may always check the status of your refund request.

You need to:

  • Click on Your Orders.
  • Select Order Details next to the order you returned or cancelled

The Order Summary area is where you’ll discover the details you need.



A marketplace built on trust, Amazon connects buyers and sellers. The business is fair in its reimbursement policies, frequently refunding without requiring a return. Contact us right away for consultation if you’ve had a problem with reimbursement or believe Amazon owes you money. FBAClaims360 is here to assist you in recovering your loss. 


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