FBA Account Health Issue – Have you had one or more of the listings removed because of a pesticide claim on Amazon?  You will usually receive a performance notification followed by a record of pesticide claim in the Account Health Dashboard.  You will have to submit the required documentation to reinstate the listing (or hope someone else who is selling this product does it for you).

Don’t worry!

Amazon Seller Account Health Issues: Pesticide and Pesticide Device Claim

  1. Directly dispute the amazon seller account health case by saying that they made a mistake.  In many cases, the Amazon algorithm may consider a computer, a monitor, or a frying pan as a pesticide or a pesticide device.  In these obvious cases, a simple message to the account health case will solve the problem.
  2. Review all the text from the title to the bullet points, from the description to the images.  Make sure there is no mention of sensitive keywords like “pesticide-free”,  “killing bacteria” , “bacteria free”, “fungi free”, etc.  These words will make the Amazon algorithm believe that the product is a pesticide or pesticide device.  Simply remove the keywords in the product page.  If you don’t own the product, create a case with seller support and request the removal of the keywords.
  3. Look up EPA Registration number if the product contains chemicals that may potentially kill any living creature. If you can find the matching registration number, provide it to Amazon and usually it will solve the problem.
  4. For potential pesticide devices (products with no pesticide chemical usage, such as UV light), click this link and collect information for EPA Establishment Number, Name & Address: Link
    Provide these details to Amazon in Appeal and request to re-instate the product.
  5. If the establishment number is not found, try to argue that the product is minimum risk pesticide by referring to the criteria below:
    1. Conditions for Minimum Risk Pesticides
    2. Active Ingredients Eligible for Minimum Risk Pesticide Products

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