Do you want to learn how Amazon FBA reimbursements might help you turn a loss into a gain? If you are an amazon seller and require more accessible access to money you should keep reading to learn more. Many Amazon FBA sellers find that increasing FBA reimbursements is an effective method to boost their profitability.


Expired FBA Claims

For most Amazon FBA-related transactions, Amazon gives sellers an 18-month window during which they can perform an FBA audit. Under Amazon’s FBA reimbursement policy, sellers may file claims for acceptable differences and get compensation. Amazon sellers have lost a significant opportunity to reclaim their money once the window for making a claim has passed. It is strongly advised that sellers should make the most of their available claims.


The Nature of the Problem

According to data from the different companies, the discrepancy rate of products from the annual FBA sales of Amazon sellers might range from 1% to 3%. Accordingly, 1 to 3 of every 100 inventory units dispatched to FBA will experience an issue. Misplaced, harmed, destroyed, vanished, disposed of, or overcharged inventory are problems.

This indicates that between 97% and 99% of the time, Amazon performs a fantastic job managing the inventory of third-party vendors. This is an impressive accomplishment, given that Amazon operates a tremendous amount of goods valued at tens of billions of dollars.

However, your 1% to 3% difference rate can range between $10,000 and $30,000, which is considerable if you are an Amazon FBA seller who makes $1 million in FBA sales annually. Therefore, as a seller, you must maximize the amount of qualified FBA reimbursements you receive.

If the idea of Amazon FBA auditing and reimbursements comes as surprising news, you should better get started right now. 


Examples of Problems

Inventory loss during initial FBA inbound receiving is a typical logistical inaccuracy. Your FBA inventory may also disappear, get misplaced, damaged, destroyed, disposed of, or disappear entirely once it is in the FBA center.

When Amazon overcharges sellers for FBA pick and pack fulfillment fees, there is a significant financial difference that, once fixed, can lower FBA fees.

The erroneous weight and size information in Amazon’s data is the cause. Unfortunately, Amazon permits only a 90-day window to provide such FBA reimbursements. Amazon sellers must therefore continue checking their Amazon FBA transactions for this kind of problem at least once per 90 days now more than ever.


Seize the possibility

The FBA reimbursements that Amazon sellers are entitled to under Amazon’s terms and conditions must be used to their fullest potential. They will lose twice if they fail to do so. 

Inventory costs make up the first loss. Specifically, the price a seller pays to source a good. Profit loss constitutes the second loss. The explanation is that when an Amazon seller receives a reimbursement, Amazon “purchases” the impacted inventory from the seller as though the product had been sold on Amazon’s marketplace. As a result, selling goods on Amazon typically results in a respectable profit for most Amazon sellers. As a result, if you receive all of your eligible FBA reimbursements, you will turn the double loss into a double victory. The FBA reimbursements effectively turn a weakness into a strength by recovering your cost of goods and earnings.


Take Action

You owe it to your company to receive the highest amount of reimbursements you are entitled to, regardless of whether you have never audited your account for FBA discrepancies, you already have a specific Amazon FBA auditing process in place, or rely on Amazon to auto-reimburse your account.

Contact FBAClaims360 for an Amazon FBA auditing to ensure you get everything you are entitled to. FBA Claims360 only collects a recovery fee for FBA refunds that are successful. There are no expenses if no refund is obtained. Especially in trying circumstances, every dollar of recovery is a genuine value addition for your company.


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