Our Outrageous Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver a World-Class Experience to you!

100% Refund Guarantee
We guarantee that we only charge you for the reimbursements of Amazon cases which were submitted by FBAClaims360. If you find that Amazon has revoked any reimbursements billed to you by FBAClaims360, we will refund 100% of the reversals.

100% Amazon Compliant & Secure
100% of our claims are based on your actual inventory loss & damage through the fulfillment by Amazon process. We are a 100% Amazon compliant and secured service.

Signature 360° Inventory Auditing & Claims Process
We guarantee that we will provide 360° auditing of your Amazon inventory and cover all the losses in the entire FBA process, from FBA inbound, Amazon internal adjustments, Customer Returns, FBA fee overcharges and Removals pulled back from Amazon’s warehouses to maximize your reimbursements from FBA services.

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